New API examples: UK Companies House API

UK Companies House API examples

Companies House incorporates and dissolves companies within United Kingdom. Its a service provided by UK government.

More than 4 million limited companies are registered in the United Kingdom. Over 500,000 new companies are incorporated each year.

Companies House API provides application developers with means to programatically query this large datbase of companies registered and managed in United Kingdom. The Companies House API and Developer Hub they are providing is currentlly in Beta release.

Using Companies House API

Getting started guide on the developer hub is a good place to start for developers.


  • Companies House API uses HTTP Basic Auth for authentication purposes. Developer has to register an application within developer portal in order to receive API valid keys.
  • Ratelimiting applies, you can make up to 600 requests within a five-minute period.

Companies House API Examples

At Apibay we help developers and integrators save the time it takes to build integrations with external APIs. We have created API request collection which includes multiple examples for popular API usage scenarions of Companies House API.

  • Find Companies, Company officers, Persons with significant controll.
  • Get details about specific company. Accounts status, Jurisdiction, History
  • Get details about company officers. Directors, Secretaries etc.
  • Get details about companys registered address.
  • Get details about persons with significant control for the specific company

Get the API examples for above scenarios

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How to use API examples

1. Get API key

First, you will require to register application on UK Companies House portal. Its a simple process, after which you will receive your API key.

After creating new application you will get an API key

2. Import API examples collection to Postman

We have created examples as Postman collection. It comes with environment file as well.

Postman provides you an option to import directories with collection files.

Choose Postman -> Import -> Folder and select PostmanImport directory from the download.

3. Add API key to enviroenment

Apibay Postman collections come with specific enviroenment variables.

Go to your Postman enviroenments, where you will see apibay.development environment. Open the Postman enviroenments management.

In the apibay.development environment, copy the API key you got in the previous steps as value for ch.apikey enviroenment variable for both, current and initial values. You are now all set.

4. Benefit!

Few example requests via this collection

Save hours of your time and get ready to use example API requests!