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Aatlassian API example collection

Aatlassian is a company which provides popular teamwork tools: Jira (project and issue tracker) and Confluence (content collaboration).

Aatlassian Developer Platform provides application developers with means to programmatically interact with Attasian products and build applications and integrations on top of them.

Aatlassian Developer APIs

Developers can create free accounts on Atlassian cloud and start building integrations and applications for their products. The following link brings you to onboarding guide:

Aatlassian API Examples

To save developer time and increase productivity, we have created ready to use Atlassian API examples collection.

This example API request / response collection saves significant amount of time while building integrations to Atlassian cloud products.

Atlassian API request collection includes set of regularly tested and ready to use examples for most important platform usage scenarios.